Universe Cycle - Earth (6)
Post Lab 

1. What ocean is James Michener describing?

2. Is this an accurate description of this ocean? Why or why not?

3. In the sixth paragraph, what is Michener describing when he says, "Ice piled up along its extremities, ...."?

4. What is the introduction to Hawaii describing?

Define the following words or phrases:

5. "whipping the waters" (2nd paragraph)

6. "dark bosom" (2nd paragraph)

7. agitated (3rd paragraph)

8. tremendous (3rd paragraph)

9. universally (3rd paragraph) 

10. turbulent (4th paragraph)

11. eternal (4th paragraph)

12. surges (5th paragraph) 

13. jutted (6th paragraph)

14. stupendous (7th paragraph)


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