Universe Cycle - Earth (6)
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  • Reading excerpts from Hawaii by James A. Michener
  • Analyzing literature with descriptions about Earth.
  • Earth
  • literature
  • worksheets

Students use literature to extract information.


James Michener, was one of the most prolific authors of the 20th century. His first collection of stories, Tales of the South Pacific (1947) remains one of his most popular books. This book was the basis of the Broadway musical South Pacific. His other books include Hawaii (1959), The Source (1965), Centennial (1974), Chesapeake (1978), The Covenant (1980), Poland (1983) and Space (1989). James Michener was best known for his novels about exotic places. His writings wove human stories against the backdrop of many locations throughout the world, and even space! Michener also scientifically described the places about which he wrote.


This exercise gives students a good example of somewhat scientific description in popular fiction. It gives them a chance to bridge their education in science and in English.

  1. Either read the excerpt as a class or have students read it individually.
  2. Have the students answer the questions on the worksheet, either in class or as homework.
    1. The Pacific Ocean
    2. Yes, basically describes conditions but uses poetic language.
    3. Glaciers
    4. The vastness of the Pacific, the loneliness and how with time the Earth changes.
    5. white caps, blowing water
    6. in its deepness
    7. moved by
    8. large
    9. through the universe
    10. violent
    11. forever
    12. large waves
    13. sticking out
    14. large

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