Universe Cycle - Earth (6)

PROBLEM: Are seasons the same around the Earth?


PROCEDURE: MATERIALS: PLANETARIUM. Move the model to try and figure out the following questions and to fill in the chart below.

1. Which two ways does north point on the Earth in the Northern Hemisphere in June and December? Draw a picture.

2. Does the Earth's axis point the opposite direction or the same direction in the Southern Hemisphere? 

3. Does the position of the Moon affect the seasons? Why? 

4. Does the distance of the Earth to the Sun change with the seasons? 

5. Does the angle at which the Sun strikes the Earth's surface change with the seasons?

6. Which affects the seasons the most, distance or angle at which the sun strikes? 

Use the planetarium model to figure out how much sunlight there is at these location. To fill in the chart below use the following terms: 24 hrs darkness, 24 hrs of light, more day than night, 12 hrs dark/12 hrs light (12/12), Sun directly overhead, mixed hours of day and night.


Dec. 21

Mar. 21

June 21

Sept. 23

North Pole




Tropic of Cancer




Tropic of Capricorn




South Pole


CONCLUSION: Are seasons the same all around the world? 



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