Water Cycle 
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1. Draw a complete water cycle below.





2. Which of the following sands has the most porosity?

A. ________

B. ________

C. _________

D. ________

3. Which of the following would a state not build to help secure water for the people of that state?

A. dams
B. reservoirs
C. aqueducts
D. pools

4. Ground water is found:

A. in a river
B. in sands or rocks below the Earth's surface
C. in an aqueduct
D. in a reservoir

5. Which is not a cause of wind?

A. uneven heating
B. high and low pressures
C. cities
D. rotation of the Earth

6. A front is when:

A. different air masses meet
B. there is high pressure
C. there is low pressure
D. different clouds meet

7. The general direction of the currents in the ocean are due to:

A. revolution of the Earth
B. rotation of the Earth
C. rotation of the Moon
D. gravitational attraction

8. Tides are caused by:

A. gravitational attraction
B. high pressure
C. cold weather
D. storms

9. The information on a weather map uses many points of information. Which of the following is not used?

A. weather satellite
B. barometer
C. thermometer
D. seismograph

10. Which of the following is a symbol used to tell you the wind speed and direction?





11. Which of the following is the symbol for a front?





12. Wind usually moves from:

A. high pressure to low pressure
B. low pressure to high pressure
C. medium pressure to high pressure
D. pressure has nothing to do with wind movement

13. Coriolis motion refers to:

A. motion caused by revolution
B. motion caused by rotation
C. no motion
D. motion caused by gravity

14. The jet stream refers to:

A. fuel from an airplane
B. a strong persistent wind that moves from the west to the east in the northern hemisphere
C. is a weak wind
D. is found on the poles

ANSWERS: 1. teacher judgement; 2.(C); 3.(D); 4.(B); 5.(C); 6.(A); 7.(B); 8.(A); 9.(D); 10.(A); 11.(B); 12.(A); 13.(B); 14.(B)

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