Water Cycle 
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1. Which of the following is not a property of water?

A. tasteless
B. odorless
C. wet
D. dry

2. Rain condenses from:

A. clouds
B. mountains
C. lakes
D. plasma

3. Your baby sister drank a clear liquid that smells very funny. She complains that her stomach hurts. What should you do immediately?

A. tell her to go to the bathroom
B. tell her to drink milk
C. immediately call your parents or other responsible adult
D. leave her alone

4. Water is made of:

A. helium and oxygen
B. hydrogen and helium
C. hydrogen and oxygen
D. argon and hydrogen

5. Water can be:

A. solid
B. liquid
C. gas
D. all of the above

6. Air is found:

A. in the Universe
B. on the Sun
C. in the Earth's atmosphere
D. on the Moon

7. A solution is made up of:

A. a solute and solvent
B. a solvent and salt
C. a solute and salt
D. a solvent and solution

8. When a cloud rises over a mountain, it:

A. does nothing
B. rains
C. gets bigger
D. gets warmer

9. You can find a weather forecast in:

A. diary
B. science book
C. comic book
D. newspaper

10. The weather over years and years is called:

A. cloud
B. climate
C. rain cloud
D. mountains

ANSWERS: 1.(D); 2.(A); 3.(C); 4.(C); 5.(D); 6.(C); 7.(A); 8.(B); 9.(D); 10.(B)

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