Universe Cycle
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1. Which of the following is not a component of a galaxy?

A. Stars
B. Binary Stars
C. Cosmic Dust
D. Neutron Star

2. Which of the following is a group of stars that helps locate objects in the night sky? There are 88 of them.

A. Constellation
B. Star
C. Black Holes
D. Galaxies

3. The weight of a person on the Moon is 1/6th of the weight on Earth. This is because the mass of the Moon is much less than the Earth. The mass of Jupiter is much greater than that of the Earth, what would you weigh on Jupiter?

A. less than the Moon
B. more than the Earth
C. the same as the Earth
D. less than the Earth

4. Which of the following is not part of the Solar System?

A. Planets
B. Satellites
C. Galaxies
D. Comets

5. Our Sun is part of what galaxy?

A. Mars Bar
B. Andromeda
C. Milky Way
D. Magellianic Cloud

6. The Sun emits many types of radiation that our atmosphere protects us from. Which of the following types of radiation would be harmful to humans?

A. x-rays
B. blue light
C. infra red
D. red light

7. The Solar System refers to:


8. Explain why we have different seasons.


9. On which planet would you weight the most?

A. Jupiter
B. Pluto
C. Earth
D. Mercury

10. If it is summer in California, it is winter in Australia. Can you explain this?


11. A contour is _______.

A. unequal elevation
B. green
C. lines of equal elevation
D. on bus maps

12. Write a paragraph about your favorite planet.



ANSWERS: 1.(C); 2.(A); 3.(B); 4.(C); 5.(C); 6.(A); 7. the 9 planets, their moons, asteroid belts, comets; 8. tilt of the Earth's axis; quality of the Sun's rays; 9.(A); 10. tilt of axis of Earth; Australia would not get direct rays and California will; 11.(C); 12. up to students

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