Universe Cycle
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1. Astrology is the study of _______.

A. automobiles
B. influence of stars on human affairs
C. supernovas
D. galaxies

2. Galaxies are found __________.

A. in the Universe
B. in the Solar System
C. in Black Holes
D. in Neutron Stars

3. Which of the following is a spiral galaxy?




4. Which of the following is not a planet?

A. Pluto
B. Moon
C. Jupiter
D. Saturn

5. Craters can not be found on ________.

A. Saturn
B. Moon
C. Mercury
D. Mars

6. The major difference between the erosion occurring on the Moon versus the Earth is that:

A. Earth only has wind erosion
B. Moon doesn't have water erosion
C. Earth only has ice erosion
D. Moon only has water erosion

7. We know all there is about ________.

A. Earth
B. Pluto
C. Neptune
D. none of the above

8. Maps can ________________.

A. Provide information.
B. Give location.
C. Help find cities and towns.
D. All of the above.

9. The Moon ________________________around the Earth.

10. The Earth and Moon system ________________________around the Sun.

11. The Moon is a perfect sphere. Why is this statement false.



12. Wind can move _______________.

A. large rocks
B. heavy rocks
C. small rocks
D. all rocks

ANSWERS: 1.(B); 2.(A); 3.(C); 4.(B); 5.(A); 6.(B); 7.(D); 8.(D); 9. revolves; 10. revolves; 11. The moon is flatter at the poles. We can observe its shape. 12.(C)

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