Plate Tectonic 
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1. Plate tectonics is the study of _______.

A. rocks
B. dishes
C. earthquakes, volcanoes, and moving plates
D. cars

2. Magma and lava come from ________.

A. the same source
B. different sources
C. the store
D. none of the above

3. Lava is a __________.

A. gas
B. drink
C. molten rock
D. glass

4. The "Ring of Fire" refers to the location of _______.

A. circuses
B. volcanic and earthquake activity
C. major cities
D. oceans

5. A break in the surface of the earth is called a ________.

A. fault
B. road
C. mountain
D. hill

6. Faults can move ________.

A. side by side
B. up and down
C. against each other
D. all of the above

7. The distance to the center of the Earth is ________.

A. 1 million miles
B. 1 billion miles
C. 1 mile
D. 6371 kilometers

8. The word "convection current" refers to the movement of ______.

A. hot and cold fluids
B. animals
C. people
D. electricity

9. Millions and millions of years ago the continents _______.

A. looked just like they do today
B. were stuck together
C. did not exist
D. none of the above

10. During an earthquake you should _______.

A. be careful and not panic
B. not be careful
C. panic
D. scream

11. During an earthquake you should _________.

A. move away from windows
B. move towards windows
C. move towards a falling bookshelf
D. move towards a fallen electrical post

ANSWERS: 1.(C); 2.(A); 3.(C); 4.(B); 5.(A); 6.(D); 7.(D); 8.(A); 9.(B); 10.(A); 11.(A)

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