Rock Cycle - Rocks (3A)

PROBLEM: How can you classify rocks?


PROCEDURE: Using the following clues to identify each rock sample. Place the rock on a piece of paper with the number of the rock that corresponds with the questions below, so your teacher can check your answer.

  1. This sedimentary rock is called sandstone. It feels "gritty" and looks like sand cemented together. Describe the specimen you think is sandstone.
  2. This igneous rock, called granite, has white and black minerals. Describe your specimen.
  3. Schist is a metamorphic rock with sparkly, flat minerals. Describe your specimen.
  4. Fossiliferous limestone looks like shells stuck together.  Describe your specimen.
  5. This dark, glassy igneous rock is called obsidian. Describe your specimen.
  6. Shale is a flattened rock. Describe your specimen.
  7. This igneous rock is dark gray with holes and is called basalt. Describe your specimen.
  8. Marble is a whitish, gray metamorphic rock. Describe your specimen.
  9. Pumice is a very light igneous rock with holes. Describe your specimen.
  10. Serpentinite, a metamorphic rock, is green with a smooth feel. Describe your specimen.

CONCLUSION: How many different types of rocks have you looked at? 

Describe the rocks you have trouble identifying.


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