Plate Tectonic - Volcanoes (3)

PROBLEM: Are all volcanic rocks the same?


PROCEDURE: Look at the rock from Mt. Lassen in California. Describe it using some of the following words: black, gray, light, heavy, has visible minerals, glassy, holey, shiny. You may use your own words. After you look at Mt. Lassen, look at the other 3 rocks and describe the rocks. Use some of the same words as above.


Mt. Lassen, CA


Mt. Shasta, CA


Clearlake, CA


Mono Craters, CA


Mt. Lassen is a composite volcano. It is made of lava and ash. Mt. Lassen erupted in the 1915 but it is now sleeping (dormant). Using clay, make a model of Mt. Lassen. Save the model, it will be used in a later lab.

CONCLUSION: How are volcanic rocks different?


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