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Dear Parent,

We are studying earthquake hazards at school and want students to "think" about any possible dangers there may be at home or anywhere that the students may spend a lot of time. Disasters are an issue we hope we will never have to face. Unfortunately, they happen. However, discussing the dangers before they occur can give children an inner strength and knowledge that may help them cope with a disaster. Parents can lessen the danger to themselves and their families by learning what to do in the event of an earthquake.

Please take the time to record with your child possible areas that one should avoid if a strong earthquake occurs.

If you want more information on earthquake safety and preparedness please consult the following websites: U.S. Geological Survey ( or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (

My child and I have located the following areas in our home that may cause injury during an earthquake. We have discussed and considered those areas that are unsafe during an earthquake and will remain at a distance from those areas in case of an earthquake.

__________ gas lines (gas can leak and possibly cause fire)

__________ chimney (chimney may become weak and collapse)

__________ large bookshelves or other items not secured adequately to the wall

__________ windows (glass may break and injure anyone in area)

__________ other (list specific safety concerns) 


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