Life Cycle - Natural Environment (6B)
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  • Comparing different theories on evolution.
  • Exploring religious influence on theories
  • adaptation
  • diversity
  • evolution
  • extinction
  • natural selection
  • worksheet

 Students complete a worksheet comparing science and religion.


Organisms are what they are because of their genetic codes, otherwise known as their genotypes.  However, there are variations that may result because of limiting factors during the development of individuals with a particular genotype.  The visible traits of an organism (its appearance) make up the phenotype of the organism.  

There are many different organisms on this planet, representing many phenotypes and genotypes.  There is certainly something called extinction, because we see it today through fossils and by actual organisms that disappear.  We see how some organisms adapt to a new situation and are able to prosper because of the advantages they have. There are certainly some problems with understanding how all the mechanisms work, but there are certain events that are documented that lead us to begin understanding how we develop.

All philosophies, including all religions, have attempted to explain the diversity of life on this planet.  The creation of all beings is difficult, if not impossible, to explain.  Religion has held a part in developing the early concepts of creation. Most religions  believe in a being of higher order that created the diversity of life.  One cannot dispute or prove the existence of a higher being,  there is little evidence for or against this.  Whether you have faith in a higher order or whether you do not is a personal decision.   

There is not a disparity between religion and science when it comes to evolution.  Scientists that deal with evolution use specimens that indicate evolution has happened through time.  Scientists however cannot dictate what a person believes created life.  This is an individual belief that one has to come to terms with.

  1. In this exercise we quote a few examples of natural selection, extinction, adaptation, evolution, and religion. Students are to determine what type of examples the questions illustrate. 
    1,2. Adaptation;  
    3. Natural selection;  
    4. Extinction;  
    5. Religion;  
    6. Evolution; 
    7. Extinction,  
    8. Religion. 

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