Life Cycle - Natural Environment (5B)

PROBLEM: How can you determine the food habit of a Great Horned owl?



MATERIALS: reference material, tweezers, tray, owl pellet

PROCEDURE: Record the day that your owl pellet was collected (out of 15 possible days). Record this number on the data sheet below. First separate the bones from the other fur material. Measure the volume of fun in a graduated cylinder and record your results.

volume of fur 

Look at the materials other than the bones under the microscope. Describe the contents.

Where do you think it came from?


Look at the bones and record what you see. Use the Eyewitness Books on Skeletons to help you identify what parts of the body they came from. Draw what you have trouble describing. Use the back of this sheet if necessary.






CONCLUSIONS: What did your owl eat on the day assigned to your group?

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