Life Cycle - Natural Environment (3A)

  • Comparing locations of plant and animal biomes.  
  • Defining organisms that live in biomes.
  • biomes
  • endemic
  • population
  • terrestrial

Students use  a globe and other information  to find out where animals live. 



Different organisms like different conditions.  Throughout the world in regions where there are similar conditions there are not always the same animals.  For instance, the elephants like grassland conditions, but yet there are not elephants of the North American grasslands.  There are individuals that live only in a specific geographic area, they are called native or endemic.  For instance, Koala bears are only found naturally in Australia and Panda bears in China.  These animals are native to the appropriate geographic area. 

Biomes give us a way to compare the flora and fauna of an area, but we still have to consider that some animals have adapted to a specific geographic area.  The factors that have caused this are many and complicated including physical barriers that would prevent species from moving from one place to another (migrating).  However, a biome will generally support organisms that are ecologically equivalent especially in respect to the food web.    

  1. When you feel that the students have found enough organisms you may want to make a master list of the organisms on the board or butcher paper.  Discuss the different organisms with the students, keeping in mind the problem whether certain organisms are native or endemic to an area.  You will find that the answer is yes.  Just make sure that you tell students that zoos don't count, because they are not natural.  
  2. They will use the biomes that are on the Inflatable Animal Globe and try to find animals or plants that are found on those biomes.   It will take students a while to organize and locate the different organisms.  
  3. You may want to use the worksheet enclosed to help get pictures of organisms.  You also may want to use the Internet to find different sites that might help find the type of biomes that organisms live.  We recommend using a search engine.

1. Flamingo  - Tropical Rain
2.   Black bear  - Forest
3.   Giraffe - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland
4.   Buffalo - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland
5.   Rhinoceros - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland
6.   Penguin - Ice/Snow
7.   Camel - Desert
8.   Panda - Forest
9.   Kangaroo - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland
10.  Koala - Forest
11.  Monkey - Forest
12.  Lion - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland
13.  Elephant - Prairie/Savanna/Grassland

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