Life Cycle - Human Biology (KA)
Pre Lab 

  • Discovering organs inside the body.
  • Labeling body parts.
  • heart
  • kidney
  • lung
  • muscle
  • organ
  • skeleton
  • stomach

Students look at pictures of the body and locate body organs.


A child's body grows every day and unless someone points out the changes, it is difficult for that child to understand what is happening.  The human body is difficult to teach because it is an integrated and complicated machine.  The organs that make up the human body work  with the other various systems  of the body.  If one part of the body is discussed it is important to emphasize what part it plays in the entire body's functions.

Students need  to build a vocabulary by visually using a "correct" picture and emphasizing how the organs work together to create a living, breathing human body.  Children do not understand their body, but they feel and sense its presence.  When vocabulary is associated with their own body, they are reminded every day of the wonder of the human machine. 

  1. A good introduction to the internal body structure is the recommended book Look Inside Your Body.  This is a visual book that allows a student to look at the skeleton, stomach, heart, lungs, muscles, and sensory organs.  The pictures and text together weave a human body story, but the pictures are subtle and can be used to create stories. 
  2. Student should look at the Human Body Placemat and have them look at the different parts of the body as you discuss each one.  You can play a game with the students by giving them a body part and in a group find it on the placemat and then the winning group is when all students are pointing to the correct site on their own body.  Make sure that students not only locate organs on the placemat, but on their own body.
  3. Important to state that a body part like a hand or head is different from internal organs like the heart or stomach.  A hand for instance, contains bones, nerves, blood, and muscle.  An organ has a specific function.  For example the lungs are used to breathe or the heart is used to pump blood.   The organs help make the entire body work together. 

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