Life Cycle - Human Biology (4A)

PROBLEM: Are girls more flexible than boys?


PROCEDURE: Do the following activities and record either a yes or No. Your teacher will discuss each activity. Record your partner's results.

  Yours - Sex ____ Partner - Sex ____
1. body through broom    
2. squat with feet flat    
3. hand clasp (front)    
4. hand clasp (back)    
5. hand clasp (shoulder)    
6. knees to sit    
7. leg to chest    
8. ballerina    
9. bend touch toes    
10. bend touch toes reverse    

Collect the data from your class and then make a bar graph of the results. In your conclusion interpret the results and see if you can figure out if flexibility has anything to do with whether you are male or female.





CONCLUSION: Is there a difference between girls and boys? If there is a difference, can you explain why?

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