Applied Science - Technology (6A)
Pre Lab


Draw on the pictures below an H for high pressure and a L for low pressure. The higher pressure will move the toward the lower pressure, with sometimes disastrous results.

  1. Air pressure above the roof is less than air pressure beneath the roof.
  2. The paper rises when air is blown across its top surface.
  3. Air pressure is less above the wing than below the wing.
  4. The smaller sail acts as a channel that speeds up the air passing over the main sail.
  5.  Two toys boats are side by side. A stream of water is directed between them. The boats will draw together and collide.
  6. A vaporizer forces air past the upper end of a tube, reducing the pressure. The greater atmospheric pressure outside the tube forces the liquid up into the tube where it is carried away by the stream of air.
  7.  A hair dryer can keep a ping pong ball trapped in the center.
  8. Pressure is greater in the stationary fluid (air) than in the moving fluid (water stream). The ball is pushed by the atmosphere into the region of reduced pressure.

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