Applied Science - Technology (2B)
Pre Lab 

  • Exploring technology.
  • Comparing different technologies at home.


  • machines
  • technology
  • work

Students use worksheet to explore today's technology.


Who would ever think that running shoes would feel the impact of advanced technology. This high-tech shoe is equipped with computers that record distances, points of impact that may cause injuries, and the runner's force. Even jogging can't avoid this technological takeover! But is this revolution in technology really new, or is it just a popular label to an old idea. Historians have labeled "technological revolutions" in the past: Stone Age, Neolithic Age, and the Bronze Ages. In the 1800's it was called the Industrial Revolution, then in the 1960's, the Space Age, now the Technological Age. All these labels point to one fundamental concept - new developments in science, math, and engineering change the way humans live and think.

It is difficult for students in America to imagine a life without the conveniences of modern technology. Many students, unfortunately, take our lifestyle for granted.

  1. The recommended books get students into the spirit of thinking about technology. The Eyewitness Books, Flying Machines and Inventions focus on machines that have been invented. Use pictures in these books to show students "technology."  
  2. Although students use technology every day, they rarely think about it. In this exercise, students will think about the technology they use at home and write a sentence about 5 different technologies.
  3. First, discuss the meaning of technology. Technology is a method and a means of solving practical problems by using principles of science. Have students imagine a world without simple machines, cars, light, washing machines, bubble gum machines, videos, or movies. What would their world be like?
  4. Emphasize that it takes a lot of thought to invent the technology which makes human's work easy. After you discuss technology, and you are sure that students know what it is, give them the following assignment.
  5. "Go home and find 5 technologies that you use every day to make your life easier. You may include items that your mother or father uses. Write a sentence about each technology by stating how it makes work easy for you."
    Use the following example:
  • My dad drives me to school sometimes, or else I would have to walk. The use of cars in society has changed the world.
  • I get cold milk out of the refrigerator. Without a refrigerator most food would spoil.
  • I use an elevator to get to the 12th floor, otherwise I would have to use the stairs.

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