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  • Describing how senses feel.
  • Exploring students' senses.
  • feel
  • hear
  • senses
  • sight
  • smell
  • touch
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Students relate stories on feelings.


Words help to express how we sense different things.  Young children are trying to determine which words can best explain the situation.  For instance, is boiling water, warm or hot.  If you call something “hot,” does that mean it will hurt you.  

Helping a student describe through words helps that student to express the sense in more detail.   Languages throughout the word use different "sounds" for the same event.  English-speaking people hear "OINK, OINK" from pigs while other languages do not. 


  1. If you have students with different native languages, you might want to ask them how they describe animal sounds.  
  2. Have the students use descriptive terms to describe taste, feel, and sight.  For instance, the taste of sour and sweet or a warm winds verses a cool wind.
  3. Prior to this lesson, ask your students to think about how their senses have helped them discover things about the world.  Let the students give an oral report to the rest of the class on their "sense" experiences.  Give them some examples of a sense experience that turned out to be something else.


  1. Mary heard a noise that sounded like a baby.  She looked outside to try and find the lost baby.  After a few minutes, Mary found Fuzzy, her cat.  He was hungry and was making a noise that sounded like a baby.
    She used the sense of sound.
  2. Bill has a brother who likes to play jokes on everyone.  Bill was watching television when a weird object touched him.  Although Bill wanted to move away, he knew it was his brother teasing him.  Sure enough, his brother used some wet spaghetti to scare Bill.
    He used the sense of touch.
  3. Charlene felt a warm wind against her back.  She heard a moan.  She thought it was a ghost.  She turned around and it was the door being opened by a strong wind.
    She used the sense of sound, touch and sight.

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