Applied Science - Physics (KB)
Pre Lab 

  • Exploring magnetism.
  • Discovering repel and attract.


  • attract
  • magnetism
  • repel
  • worksheet
  • crayons

Students learn about repel and attract.


Magnetism is a mysterious phenomenon to children. They can see the results of the repulsion and attraction, but the reason why it happens is very confusing. The word magnetism may be new to students, but the only way you can define magnetism is to have the students play with the "force."

Nature has different forces that act on objects, and magnetism is a force that only certain metals have like iron, cobalt, and nickel.


  1. Use the coloring exercise to emphasize that there is a north pole and a south pole, just like the Earth. When a north pole and a north pole meet, they REPEL. When a magnetís south pole and a north pole meet, they ATTRACT.
  2. Introduce the idea that magnets will pick up things that are made of some metals. Emphasize that magnets near computers or televisions can cause damage to that piece of electronic equipment.
  3. Arrange students into two lines and have them face each other holding hands. Tell students to take one step toward their partner. This is attraction. Now have them move one step back. This is repulsion. Do this several times with the students, almost singing the terms: Attract (move together) and Repel (move apart).

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