Applied Science - Physics (6B)

PROBLEM: How are fluids influenced by motion?


PROCEDURE: Go to each of the stations and follow your lab sheet.

TOUR OF BUBBLE. Flip the tube until bubbles start rising. Describe what you see. Take note of the bubble size, shape and speed.

SAND TIMER. Flip the tube until the timer moves upward. Describe what you see. What is causing the timer to move upwards?

DENSITY TIMER. Flip this 5 minute timer over and observe the motion. Make sure you flip it over when each chamber has just one colored liquid. Describe what happens to both liquids. Describe the speed and size of the drops as they fall.

TORNADO TUBE. Put the bottle with the water upwards and swirl the top bottle. A water funnel (vortex) will appear. Describe the motion. What is the reason for the vortex?

TORNADO IN A BOTTLE. Twirl the bottle in a circular motion very quickly. Describe the motion. What is the reason for the tornado?

BIRD GLIDER. Secure the nose piece and throw the glider. Take the nose piece off and throw the glider. Describe the difference in motion. Why do you think this is occurring.

PUDDLE JUMPER - CAUTION: NEVER POINT THE PUDDLE JUMPER AT YOUR FACE OR ANY OTHER PERSON. Hold the puddle jumper firmly at the back of you left palm. Keep it pointed forward while you spin it so it flies forward when you let it go. Describe the motion. What makes the jumper fly?

TIMES UP Describe the motion. Why do the particles float to the top?

HANDBOILER - THIS IS GLASS, DO NOT SQUEEZE. Place the handboiler in the palm of your hand and gently hold. Describe what happens. Why does it look like it is boiling?

PIPE - Blow gently into the pipe without putting your mouth to the pipe. Describe what happens.

WAVE MACHINE - Move the wave machine side by side? Describe what happens. Which other toy is this wave machine similar to?

CONCLUSION: How many ways do fluids move?

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