Applied Science - Physics (3A)

PROBLEM: How can you find the north and south pole of a magnet?


PROCEDURE: Go to 4 different stations and complete the assignment. Listen to your teacher give instructions.

Station #1. Put a sheet of paper over the bar magnet. Sprinkle iron filings. Draw what happens. Be careful not to put the iron filings on the magnet.


Station #2. There are 4 ring magnets. Experiment with them and arrange them so they "float." See diagram. Explain why this occurs.

Station #3. There are 2 magnets with iron files all over them. Draw what happens when you slowly pull them apart. What causes this? Next try to take 1 magnet and slowly turn it to the opposite face. What happens?

Station #4.

How many paper clips can you pick up?

How many paper clips can you line up (see diagram above)?

CONCLUSIONS: How were you able to distinguish north and south?

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