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LESSON 1.   Early Concepts of  Matter

Problem:  Can you mix the four elements of earth, air, fire and water?
Materials:  10 ml graduated cylinder, 250 beaker, oil, water, sand, Bernoulli pipe, candle, touch paper, magnesium ribbon, matches 


  1.  Pour 5 ml of oil in 5 ml of water.  What happens?

    Mix it.  Describe


  2. Pour 5ml of sugar in 10ml of water.  What happened?


  3.  Pour 50 ml of water into 50g of sand.  Pour off some of the water.  What happens? 


  4. Place a test tube in a bucket of water.  Once it stands straight up carefully remove the test tube from the water.  (do not shake or move or this will not work)  Describe and try to explain what happened.


  5. Blow up a balloon, then place it on the end of the Bernoulli pipe and let go.  What happens?


  6. Strike a match and watch it burn.  Blow it out.  What caused the match to burn?


  7. Strike a match and light a small candle.  What makes it burn?

    Put a beaker over it.  Describe

    Do as demonstration

  1. a. Cut pieces of wax paper touch paper, construction paper and regular paper into 2cm x 10cm pieces.
    b. While holding the paper with a test tube clamp, light it with a match.
    c. Record the amount of time that it takes to burn.
    d. Repeat steps b and c for each piece of paper.

  2. Measure out a 5cm piece of magnesium ribbon, light it with a lighter and carefully watch the reaction. What happened? 

Conclusion: Based on your observations how did the elements react with each other? 

Was there any specific thing that did not mix well with others?


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