Lesson 4



LESSON 4: Engineering a Solution


Objective:   Students learn about the connection between engineers, scientists, and mathematicians.




Teacher Notes:


Engineers and scientists serve different functions in a society.  Engineers are more applied in their focus, whether it is to create plans for city roads or engineering plans for a new game. 

Engineering principles use mathematics to create models of their plans.  From these plans, a builder or fabricator can then produce a product.  In this lesson we want students to focus on what engineering is all about, and how it uses math in each particular field. 


If you know an engineer that is willing to come and give a career talk with your students, this is an excellent opportunity.


You may want to use the worksheet to go over some of the possible careers and to have students write a paragraph on what kind of engineer they might like to be.  Have them find the different math skills they would use in that career.    





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