Lesson 1


LESSON 1.  Collecting Data


Objective:  Students learn how to design an experiment to collect data.




Math Skills:

            Slideshow (flash): Ratios and Proportion
            Slideshow script: Ratios and Proportion


Teacher Notes:


Learning about the scientific method is sometimes very abstract to students.  However, these following labs will help guide your student to think about how an experiment is designed and the different design methods.  Spend appropriate time with students so they understand how an experiment is thought out.    You may want to use the following guidelines:


1.  What subject do I want to learn more about? Are there any subjects that I have always wanted to know the answer?
2.  How do I find information about the subject?
3.  Where would I go to learn more information?
4.  How can I design an experiment about this subject?  Can I propose a hypothesis on the subject?
5.  Can I compare and contrast this to other things?  If so, what?
6.  What is the goal of this project?
7.  Where do I get materials for the experiment?
8.  How do I record the data?
9.  How do I present the data, so other people can understand what I did?

In this introduction we would just go over the design of the lab.  However you may want to actually do the experiment incorporating your students’ ideas and to conform to the materials you might have available. 



Materials: You may need: Test tubes, stoppers, water,  salt water,  steel wool, fine gauge wires of Brass, copper, galvanized steel, annealed steel

Data chart should contain the following components:



Salt Water


Solution #3 

Solution #4

 Solution #5

Steel wool













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