Lesson 5 - Page 4


LESSON 5.  Design using a Triangle (Lab)

PART I.  Variable base triangle

Materials:  cardboard strips, hole puncher, paper fasteners

Make a variable based triangle using cardboard strips and paper fasteners.  Make strips of 11.5; 14.5 cm; and 26 cm.  Change x the length of AB and measure the value of 2 (angle) for each value of x you use.  Make punch holes every 2 cm. Put information on the data chart below.


Angle X
  1. What is the smallest value of 2  (ii)  the largest value of 2
  2. Does 2 change in equal amounts for equal changes in x?

PART II.  Draw an engineering design of one of the ideas below; make sure you use the variable based triangle in your design.  If you have another idea, you may use that instead.

Design a folding chair

Playground equipment

Bicycle design

Design a food dispenser

Fairground ride


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