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LESSON 4 – Measuring Volume (Lab) 

PROBLEM: Which method is easier to compute volume  of solids – measuring or mathematically determination? 

MATERIALSGeometric Solidsruler, caliper

Part I.  Predict the  order of the set of solids from smallest volume to largest volume.  Use the following chart to put them in the correct place: Large cylinder Hemisphere,

Large cube, Small cylinder, Triangular prism, Large triangular prism, Hexagonal prism, Cone Sphere, Small rectangular prism, Large rectangular prism, Square pyramid, Small triangular prism, Small cube


2 9
3 10
4 11
5 12
6 13
7 14
State how you would check if this were correct easily without doing math.  Explain.  See if you are correct or not?

 If you were creating a new line small mints, which of the plastic shapes would you use to sell them.  (Hint:  use the one that has the least volume and most appealing shape)  Justify your answer.


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