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Other types of organic gems are all made in a different process. Amber is fossilized resin of ancient trees. It is brown to black and usually includes inclusions of ancient bugs that may have gotten trapped when the sticky resin was hardening. Amber is soft enough to be carved into artistic jewelry. 

Fossils can be cut into gems to highlight their natural symmetry, like an ammonite. A jeweler can arrange the fossils in a necklace or bracelet to look very fashionable.

Coral are animals that produce a skeleton of calcium carbonate. When they die, their skeleton can be carved easily. Many forms of coral exist but only high quality red, pink, blue, black and white corals are used in jewelry.

A pearl is formed when a particle enters the shell of a Pearl Oyster. The irritation caused by the particle secret calcium carbonate around the particle to ease the irritation. In 3 to 6 years a pearl is produced.



Larry Wood, an artist, 
carved this amber



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