Teacher Corner -Lesson 5


LESSON 5.  Pond Life Meroplankton

Objective:  Identifying meroplankton and recognizing the different stages.


 live mount
 ice cube trays
 plastic spoons
 flat trays

Teacher Notes:

 Meroplankton is difficult to determine especially because there are so many forms that may not be familiar.   Since many  meroplankton are large the reflecting microscope is the most appropriate for preliminary classification.

 Another way to classify meroplankton is to use an ice tray and a spoon and group them into the separate compartments.  Then put them into a live mount with a well.  This controls their movement without killing the organisms.  It is instructive to see the organisms alive and mobile to learn the organisms. 

 Since meroplankton is much larger than the previous lab, students can observe them easily in an aquarium or if they investigate a river or pond on their own.  The key objective is for them to look for segments which then imply they are arthropods and this may be a clue that they are part of the meroplankton.

ANSWERS: Depends on the microscope and samples used in this activity. 


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