If you would be willing to assist in participating with the Science Lab, please complete and return form to school with your child.  
Phone number: (          )                  -
Profession or Educational Background:
1. What scientific topics would you feel comfortable "assisting" or sharing?
2. Do you have any materials or props of your own that could be used to enhance the students' experience? (can place in display case or use in classroom) I.E. pictures, shells, minerals, collections, etc.
3. Would you be interested in attending science work parties to make materials for children to use in class? What is the most convenient time to meet?
4. Are you aware of other people or organizations that may want to become involved? Please list.
5. Are you interested in assisting the school with fund raising activities for science materials?

6. Does you company have a "matching fund" or grant program to aid schools? Explain.
7. Does your company's community relations department provide information about products or services that would be useful to teachers?









Partners in Science