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Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (1999 Walnut Ave, Fremont)

FREE (limited to 20 teachers)
sponsored by Alameda County Flood control and Water Conservation District) includes materials

Time: Wednesday, 3:30 -5:00 pm
Where:  1999 Walnut Ave (park onsite)

Content based, can be adapted to specific grades, lesson ideas for different grades; materials
Come early and walk through Tule Ponds
Register:  by email ( or  phone  (510)790-6284

Dec 18 -  Water Chemistry – Learn how to do simply tests to test for pH, temperature, nitrates, and other ions, from litmus paper to red cabbage, and scientific probes and how to use data charts to interpret data.
Jan 15 -  Native and Non Native Fishes of the East Bay   Alameda Creek was once home to steelhead trout and salmon.  What happened? Also look at how the Gold Rush brought in non native fish and changed the ecosystem forever.  Learn about free fish field trips for your students at Tule.
Feb 19 -   Rocks and Organic Matter = Soil   Native Soil and Composting – Chemistry of soil, and how to grow natives  (or why does wine grapes like volcanic soil)  Learn the local rocks; receive samples, geological map, soil testing

Mar 19 –  Chemistry of Crystals -  Learn how to make simple crystals (borax), crystal gardens, and learn how to make Ice Cream in a Bag and the science behind it (you can eat it also).  Crystal making, symmetry, water cycle
Apr 16 - Protozoa, Invertebrates, and Vertebrates - Learn about the native organism in the East Bay.  How to effectively use hand lenses, and microscopes, and bug collecting techniques to turn your students to think about science every time they see a “bug.” 


Sept 18 – Native Plants - Learn about the native flowers, shrubs and trees  in the East Bay by walking the tree trail. Teachers will receive  poppy seeds  that you can grow at school.  Local schools can “adopt” a tree and bring it back at the end of the school  year.  Get tules and instructions on how to build a Tule Board
Oct 16 -  Butterfly Habitat
  How to bring butterflies into the classroom without buying them - Habitat in the Classroom  (receive milkweed plants) and how you can maintain a habitat in a 5-10 gallon aquarium.  Learn the different host plants needed.      

Nov 20 -   Hayward Fault  The Hayward Fault creates Tyson Lagoon.  Learn about the importance of fault creep and how the fault has shaped the East Bay.  Basic Plate Tectonics and walk through area; learn about trails throughout Fremont
Children's Natural History Museum (4074 Eggers Drive, Fremont)
Teacher Appreciation Day -  Sept 24, Tuesday free goodie bags (first 100), 20% discount
Fremont Earthquake Exhibit (40204 Paseo Padre Parkway)
Teachers may take the Tours on Sat.
California Nursery Historical Park (Nursery and Niles Blvd)

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