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Science at the Library

 Math Science Nucleus

Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

 These are free activities and  recommended for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend. Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation.
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Sept 16, Tues
7-7:45 pm
A Drop of Water
Without water we could not survive.  Fremont is blessed with a rich aquifer under our feet.  Learn about this source of water and learn about how this mysterious molecule of H2O is such a miracle.  Learn about how organisms require water.
Reading:  Dr. Drippy, Give Water a Second Chance
October 21, Tues
7-7:45 pm
Fall Colors
Learn about why leaves change their color. Explore the different types of plants and why some do not change color.  Compare different types of
Reading:  The Colors of Fall
Nov 18, Tues
7-7:45 pm
Light Magic
Electromagnetic waves produce a spectrum of radiation, including visible light.  Learn about why a rainbow produces colors as well as a specific order.  Learn about optical illustions and how light can play tricks with our eyes.  Learn what a laser actually stands for.
Reading:  Light Magic
Jan 20, Tues
7-7:45 pm
Gems, Crystals, and Minerals

March  17, Tues
7-7:45 pm

Ohlone Indians and Nature
May 19, Tues
7-7:45 pm
Animals that Change

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