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 Math Science Nucleus

Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

 There are 4 activities at each presentation after a show presentation. Parents work with their children to learn about science.  Recommended  for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend.  Limited seating. 
Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation and free.

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NEWS.  Lam Research has funded Math Science Nucleus for the 2015-16 School year
Oct 6, Dec 8, 2015; January 19, February 23, April 19, and May 17, 2016. 

May 19, Tues
7-7:45 pm
Chemistry of Water
Without water we could not survive.  Learn about how this mysterious molecule of H2O is such a miracle and the reason why. Explore the strength of the molecule through various solutions. Learn about where we get water in Fremont and why it is precious.   Includes 4 activities for elementary students, ideal presentation for families. 
Reading: Dr. Drippy, Give Water a Second Chance
Eventbrite - Lam Library - Chemistry of Water
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