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Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

 These are free activities and  recommended for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend. Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation.
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March 18, 2014
7- 7:45 pm  
A Fish in Stone
Learn about fish that lived during the Ice Age.  These native fish are rarely seen in our environment today.  Activities include learning about native vs non native fish and how we can help the environment.
Reading: New Book - A Fish in Stone
Eventbrite - Lam Lecture -   Fish Story
May 20, 2014
7- 7:45 pm  
Owls and Bones
Owls are highly skilled hunters at night.  While we sleep they are out there catching their dinner.  Learn about how they eat their dinner and how we can tell what they ate.
Reading:  Owl Pellet Party
Eventbrite - Lam Lectures -  Owls and Bones

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Sept 17, 2013
7- 7:45 pm  

Earthquakes  California is noted for being Earthquake County.  Learn about how our state is being ripped apart by the movement of the North American and Pacific Plates.  Learn about our local Hayward Fault that dissects Alameda County.
Reading:  Three Earthquake Dolls
Nov 19, 2013
7- 7:45 pm  
Electricity  Electrons that flow through a conductor causes electricity.  Learn about static and current electricity and think about a world without electricity.
Reading:  Night Without Light
Jan 21, 2014
7- 7:45 pm  
Stars and Constellations  Our night time sky has many points of light.  The ancients saw many objects in the sky and different myths evolved through many cultures.  Learn what a star is and how we can find north at night.
Reading:  Bear and the Baby, Constellation Song