The Math/Science Nucleus has special prices for bulk school orders. Call or fax what you would like us to quote and be assured of the best products for the best prices. We accept purchase orders. Your order must include both a shipping and a billing address. Be sure to sign the order you send and if your school so requires, have your order countersigned by the proper authority.

The Math/Science Nucleus provides the following to schools


The Math/Science Nucleus can train and give your teachers the background information they need in order to teach science effectively. This is not a traditional "inservice" because we continue to help your teachers stay informed of the most current in scientific research and are available for phone-in questions five days a week. Sessions can be designed specifically for your school and staff and can include materials, guest lecturers, and activities.


The Math/Science Nucleus can help make your science program the most effective possible for your students. By working closely with teachers, parents, and administrators, we will ensure that coordination problems are not a factor in your science program.


The Math/Science Nucleus can inventory, update, and assess your school's current status regarding science materials. This will ensure that your school does not undergo excessive cost when purchasing science materials.

- HOW?

Getting started is as easy as picking up the phone. Call the Math/Science Nucleus (510) 790-6284 or email for more information. We will gladly help you design a support system that truly works. Even if you don't live in the San Francisco Bay area, we can still help.


Contracts can be arranged and are negotiable depending upon previous ordering history and needs. Basic consulting rates range from $250-350 a day, but may vary depending on your needs. Travel and accommodation reimbursement may be required. Special needs can be addressed.