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Summer 2015 Classes
Scout Programs - 2015

Nov 1, One Step for a Better Life
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As a child, I learnt that not all people have the basic necessities in life and now as a 15 year old in 11 grade I have the chance to help people receive these needs. In Hubli India, where my grandparents live, there is a small school for the poor where about 300 students go to. In this facility they do not have bathrooms for neither the students nor the teachers. Living in America we take for granted hygienic precautions, where in this village, they do not have money to pay for the constructions of bathrooms. All profits go to this underdeveloped school where given the right resources, it can help the students learn with hands on activities and also aid them to grow and excel. My goal is to raise $1300 in order to get these students and teachers bathrooms.